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[PRESS] Modern Luxury Scottsdale Magazine October 2019

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Dawn was asked to predict the 5 biggest non-surgical cosmetic trends for 2020 by Modern Luxury Scottsdale Magazine. Visit their website or continue scrolling to read the full article.


These Are Set To Be The 5 Biggest Non-Surgical Cosmetic Trends For 2020

October 28, 2019 | Style & Beauty

Since 2000, the number of minimally invasive procedures has grown more than 200 percent with no indication of slowing down. From dermal fillers to laser treatments, there have never been more ways to inject, zap, and rejuvenate our bodies.

“Minimally invasive procedures are on the rise because people want to return to their day to day activities straight away, they don’t want any down-time,” says Dawn Mougel, FNP-C, advanced injector and owner of A New Dawn Wellness Center in Scottsdale. Below, Dawn predicts the most popular procedures for 2020.

1. Non-Ablative Skin Resurfacing “Fall and winter are our laser seasons. Our most popular equipment at the moment is our ResurFX, a top of the line non-ablative laser that provides amazing results. We use it anywhere on the face and body to resurface and tighten mature skin and drastically improve scarring, divots, or even cellulite. It’s a quick and painless treatment that I expect to take-off in 2020.”

2. Cheek Fillers “Cheek filler, when administered properly, can correct more than just volume loss in your cheeks. It can help to improve under-eye bags, dark circles, tired eyes, sagging jowls, or even nasolabial folds and marionette lines that deepen as we age. More and more people are getting cheek filler treatments, because it provides a natural contour to the face and creates a youthful, beautiful smile.”

3. Non-Surgical Facelift “Non-surgical thread lifting will continue to rise in popularity as people seek noticeable results without going under the knife. By placing small sutures or threads under the skin, we are able to boost collagen, lift sagging skin, contour the jawline, and improve texture around the mouth and neck - all in less than 60 minutes. Even better, you can return to work immediately without any evidence or incisions from the procedure.”

4. Vaginal Rejuvenation “We offer a treatment called O-Shot, a PRP injection that helps to turn back the clock in this delicate area. We want to empower women to talk about their sexual health and issues that come with it like the inability to orgasm, lack of pleasure during intercourse, vaginal dryness, or stress incontinence. These should no longer be taboo topics, especially not since we have a solution.”

5. Pain-Free Laser Hair Removal “I believe that laser hair removal will be our No. 1 treatment at A New Dawn Wellness Center next year. We are the first in Scottsdale to offer hair removal treatments with the new SplendorX, which is not only faster than any other laser I have ever seen, it is also virtually pain-free.”

Visit A New Dawn Wellness Center at 16700 N Thompson Peak Pkwy, Ste 260, Scottsdale AZ 85260. Call (480) 473-1111 to schedule a complimentary consultation!



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