Facials & Peels

Suitable for all skin types, our customizable medical facial treatments cleanse and exfoliate for healthier, radiant skin. Tailor our facial to your specific skin concerns including fine lines and wrinkles, texture, pore congestion, and acne.

About our Medical-Grade Facials & Peels

Don’t let the term ‘facial’ fool you. Our medical-grade facials use top-of-the-line medical ingredients and tools to tackle even more serious skin concerns. By using a combination of modalities such as chemical peels, LED light therapy, high frequency, or dermaplaning, we are able to target your specific skin needs from reducing fine lines and wrinkles to improving texture and firmness, or visibly reducing acne scars.

Since our medical facials are so customizable, they are suitable for all skin types and concerns. Prior to your treatment, our advanced aesthetic specialists will work with you to develop a personalized plan and discuss any sensitivities, allergies, or underlying conditions. To learn more about how a medical grade facial can benefit your skin, contact us and schedule a complimentary skin consultation.

Treatment Time:

60 minutes





Results last:


2 per month


- Improve Skin Tone & Texture

- Cleanse, Exfoliate & Hydrate

- Reduce Fine Lines & Wrinkles

- Unclog Congested Pores

- Reverse Skin Damage

- Suitable for All Skin Types

- Completely Customizable

Interested in Our Medical-Grade Facials?

Why Is a Medical-Grade Facial Good for My Skin?

A regular facial routine is a great way to slow down premature aging and maintain a healthy, youthful-looking skin. In addition to brighter, healthier skin, medical grade facials address even serious skin concerns such as: - Clogged & Congested skin - Acne - Enlarged Pores - Hyperpigmentation & Photodamage - Fine Lines & Wrinkles - Other Signs of Aging

What Is the Difference Between a Spa Facial and a Medical-Grade Facial?

When it comes to professional facial treatments, there is a difference between spa facials and medical facials. Most importantly, a medical facial makes use of advanced medical ingredients and tools such as chemical peels and microneedling. Furthermore, medical facials address even more serious skin concerns and provide lasting results to visually improve your skin.

How Do I Care for My Skin After the Treatment and Is There Any Downtime?

Depending on the treatment, your skin may appear slightly red afterwards, for example following a chemical peel or microdermabrasion. However, there is no downtime and you can return to your normal activities right after. After the treatment, it is important to follow the instructions outlined by our aesthetic specialists, particularly if your facial includes modalities that increase your skin’s sensitivity to UV rays.

Do I Need to Remove My Make-Up Before the Facial?

No, there is no need to remove your make-up before your treatment, because we will remove it all during the cleansing part of the facial.

How Long Do Results Last and How Many Treatments Are Needed to See Results?

Results and frequency of your treatment depend on your skin concerns and desired outcome. If you are looking to improve congested and acne-prone skin, for example, we recommend a series of treatments 2-3 weeks apart. However, if you just want to give your skin an extra boost prior to a big event, you may benefit from a single treatment.

How Do I Know Which Facial Is Right For Me?

Prior to your treatment, we will discuss your skin goals and concerns and together, develop a personalized treatment plan to help you feel happy and confident in your own skin.