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Penis Filler / Enlargement

Increase the size and girth of your penis without risky surgery using hyaluronic acid fillers. 

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Treatment Time:

60 minutes


1-2 days



Results last:

up to 2 years


after 2 weeks

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What Is Penis Filler / Enlargement?

Penile size provides a real concern for millions of men across the globe. Even worse, unhappiness with the length, shape, or look of one’s penis oftentimes leads to a lack of confidence and can even affect a man’s sex life. For those who desire to increase the size of their penis, but are afraid to undergo risky surgery, our non-surgical, minimally-invasive penis enlargement treatment can achieve the desired results.

During this treatment, hyaluronic acid fillers, which are typically used to reverse signs of aging in the face, are injected directly into the penis. Prior to each treatment, a topical numbing is applied to reduce pain and discomfort. Next, the filler will be administered into the desired area. The result? An immediate increase in size and confidence.

Our Penis Filler Before and After Gallery

Penis Filler_Enlargement Result in Scott
Hover over this box to see the before/after image.
Penis Filler_Enlargement Result in Scott
Hover over this box to see the before/after image.
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Dawn is amazing and makes you feel comfortable. So kind and helpful. Alexa is wonderful as well. Great personalities.


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Penis Filler / Enlargement FAQs

Am I the right candidate for penis filler?

The ideal candidate for penis enlargement using dermal fillers is looking to increase the length and girth of their penis. We do not recommend this treatment if you have certain medical conditions or unrealistic expectations of the outcome. We require everyone, who is interested in this treatment to schedule a complimentary consultation beforehand.

How big of an increase in size can I expect?

Results depend on the amount of filler used. Take a look at our penis filler before and after gallery to get an idea of what can be achieved.

Is penis filler painful?

A strong numbing cream is applied before the injection to reduce pain and discomfort. Most patients report feeling pressure from the injection, but no pain.

Are there any side effects or risks?

Fillers are very safe and are approved by the FDA. However, there are a few side effects including bruising, redness, pain, or swelling, all of which should go away within two weeks post-treatment. Less frequently, people experience bumps or lumps under the skin that can be dissolved with Hylenex.

A more severe side effect, vascular occlusion, can occur when filler is injected into the blood vessel, which is why our injectors aspirate (pulling back the plunger of the syringe to ensure no blood is pulled back) prior to any injection.

What is the average cost for a penis filler treatment?

The cost of your treatment will depend on the amount of filler used. Our price per syringe starts at $800.

Can penis filler help me get better erections?

Penis filler is not a suitable treatment for erectile dysfunction. We do, however, offer another treatment called the Priapus Shot (P-Shot), which utilizes platelet-rich plasma to generate new tissue within the penis and improve your erections.

How long do I have to wait before I can resume sexual activity?

You will receive detailed post-care instructions from our practitioners, but generally, we recommend a few days of downtime before resuming sexual activity to avoid introducing bacteria to the injection sites.

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