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Non-Ablative Resurfacing

Rejuvenate and tighten your skin with non-ablative laser skin resurfacing. By heating deeper layers of your skin without injuring the surface, our ResurFX provides a gentle treatment for younger, healthier, glowing skin.

Treatment Time:

45 minutes



Recommended No.

of Treatments: 3-5




4-6 weeks

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What Is Non-Ablative Resurfacing?

In contrast to their fully ablative counterparts, non-ablative lasers generate heat in the underlying skin tissue without injuring the surface. By inducing controlled micro-injuries to the dermis, non-ablative resurfacing stimulates collagen production and improves skin tone, laxity, and texture. It is an ideal treatment for those who prefer a milder approach with minimal downtime.

To ensure patient comfort, we apply a topical numbing cream prior to your treatment. You may experience a warm sensation as the laser is applied to your skin. However, most patients report no pain or discomfort as it is a very gentle treatment. Depending on your customized laser settings, you may experience some redness or swelling immediately after the treatment. Any side effects will typically disappear within 24 hours and you are able to resume your daily activities right after.

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Non-Ablative Resurfacing FAQs

Is Non-Ablative Resurfacing painful?

No, not at all! You may experience a warm and prickling sensation as the lasers are applied to your skin, but our numbing cream and cooling aid should help minimize any discomfort.

How do I care for my skin after the treatment and is there any downtime?

Some clients experience mild redness and swelling, which can last up to 48 hours. However, there is no downtime and you can return to your normal activities right after.

After your treatment, it is important to follow the instructions outlined by our staff. Avoid sun exposure for a few days post-treatment and apply full-spectrum sunscreen to the treated area every day.

How should I prepare for my treatment?

In order to minimize the risk of any side effects occurring during or after the treatment, you should:

- Avoid tanning and limit your sun exposure 

- Ensure the treated area is free of sunburns, herpes, inflammatory acne, and eczema

- Remove contact lenses or bring your contact lens case

Photofractionals cannot be performed on people with active infections, viral, fungal, or bacterial diseases, inflammatory skin conditions, or skin cancer.

How long do results last and how many treatments are needed to see results?

You may begin to notice subtle improvements after just one session. However, we recommend 3-5 sessions every 4 weeks to achieve optimal results. We also recommend scheduling occasional maintenance treatments (1-2x a year) to extend the rejuvenating effects.

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