Non-Surgical Facelift with PDO Threads

Lift sagging skin, contour cheeks, and jawline, and boost your collagen production with our PDO thread lift - a minimally invasive, FDA-approved alternative to surgical face-lifts.

What is a Non-Surgical Thread Lift?

A thread lift is a minimally invasive treatment that uses dissolvable sutures (or threads) made from Polydioxanone (PDO) to restore collagen and visibly lift the skin. Unlike a traditional, surgical facelift, a thread lift does not involve incisions. It is a quick and effective lunchtime procedure with little to no downtime.


At the beginning of a thread lift treatment, we apply local anesthesia to numb the area being treated. Then, barbed threads are inserted into the skin via a cannula. They are one-way threads, which means that they can easily pass through the skin, but cannot be taken back out the opposite way. Once inserted, the threads anchor the skin and when pulled back gently, lift it upwards resulting in a refreshed, youthful look.  

In addition to lifting the skin, PDO threads provoke our body’s natural healing response and infuse the skin with fresh collagen, which further improves texture and firmness.


Thread lifts are a low-risk treatment with virtually no side effects. You may experience redness, swelling, and mild sensitivity to touch, however, those side effects typically disappear within a few days. Most patients return to their everyday activities immediately after their treatment. Approximately six months post-treatment, the threads will dissolve, however, the resulting lift remains for up to 2 years.


- Boosts Collagen Production

- Improves Elasticity & Firmness

- Tightens Sagging Skin Tissue

- Improves Acne Scarring

- Lifts Facial Contours

- FDA-Approved

- Little to No Downtime

Interested in Our PDO Thread Lift Treatment?

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