How the Face Changes As We Age

Aging gracefully is a beautiful thing, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to slow down its effects, especially when it comes to the way our faces change with age.

Aging is unavoidable, a payoff for our years of experience and wisdom. Aches and pains aside, facial changes are the ones that we usually pay the most attention to. A mix of lifestyle and genetics feeds into just how much we see our reflection change over the years, and even the most youthful of faces will eventually succumb to volume loss, wrinkles, and excess skin. Luckily, a number of treatments and products are now available to help us make the best of aging gracefully and hold back the years.

Why our faces change as we age

Dozens of changes occur to our entire bodies throughout the years, and our faces carry many of those. External changes such as receding hairlines and growing noses and ears are obvious (thanks to the fact that cartilage continues to grow). The structural moves going on underneath the skin are the real foundations of the aging process.

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