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Everything You Need to Know About Our PDO Thread Lift Treatment

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

PDO Thread Lifts - no other treatment has experienced such a surge in popularity over the past decade. In fact, 2020 has left us with another hangup – ‘lockdown face.’ After months of looking at ourselves on video calls, those little niggles suddenly seem a bit bigger and many people are looking at non-surgical, minimally-invasive procedures to fix them.

These quick procedures offer short-term recovery with long term results for a fraction of the price of going under the knife. For much of this time, Botox has reigned supreme, but it’s not a catch-all for every facial issue we might spy in the mirror. As a result, industry professionals have developed many alternative procedures with results just as successful as their traditional surgery counterparts. PDO Thread Lifts are one of our favorites; average treatments take just one hour to complete, are almost pain-free, and they’re much more affordable than a surgical facelift too.

What are PDO Threads?

PDO threads, a minimally invasive cosmetic treatment to fight signs of ageing, work by adding volume to skin for a natural-looking fuller and more youthful look. Like many other non-surgical beauty treatments, they smooth wrinkles and fine lines and tighten sagging skin.

Made from synthetic and absorbable Polydioxanone (PDO), these sutures are injected under the skin after a local anaesthetic has been applied. For up to 6 months, the threads stimulate the body to produce collagen. As a response, your skin tightens from the inside for a gradual and effective improvement to the overall look of your skin after your initial amazing results, which you’ll see from the moment we give you a mirror.

Natural Looking Results

If you’ve been put off cosmetic surgeries by horror before and after shots, a PDO Thread Lift treatment is the ideal alternative, working with your body to create the effect you want. During a consultation, you can discuss your problem areas in full, with PDO Threads being an appropriate treatment choice for many areas of the face and jawline, including jowls, marionette lines, and eyebrows.

PDO Threads are a great companion treatment.

A great thing about Smooth Thread treatment is that it can be safely used in conjunction with other non-surgical options, including Botox, Dermal Fillers, and Non-Ablative Skin Resurfacing - a laser treatment inducing controlled micro-injuries to your skin in order to boost your collagen production.

Perfect for a subtle facelift

Not all of us want to make drastic changes to our faces, but we do know that we want to enhance our best features and fix those worrisome problem areas. The benefit of a PDO Thread Lift treatment is many-fold. Non-surgical treatments come with far fewer risks than traditional cosmetic surgery, and recovery time is often over by the time you go to bed that night (so long as you’ve used a reputable and licensed practitioner). These types of cosmetic treatments are also temporary. While this may sound like a negative, it is very much the opposite. Surgery itself doesn’t come without the need to top-up, but with a 1-2 year average time for how long the effects of non-surgical procedures last, you don’t run the risk of needing further invasive surgery to rectify further issues. Instead, you can gradually adapt the treatment as your face changes, and even opt to not focus on areas that are no longer an issue for you. Better for you, better for your bank account – and a confident, beautiful you at the end of it!

If you’re serious about gracefully improving your appearance, PDO Threads are a quick and effective treatment to give you the results you’re looking for – instantly! Contact us or call on (480) 473-1111 to schedule your consultation today!

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